About us

Are you looking to get your socks rocked?  Do you want to laugh so hard that you cry and receive a free abdominal workout?  Then you are in the right place. Tiger Mane Pictures, Inc.® is here to storm the world of entertainment with an ever-evolving wellspring of original eMovie® brand content - each thoughtfully (and playfully) crafted with the aim of giving our users a unique and exciting escape, filled with unparalleled fun and adventure.

We at Tiger Mane Pictures, Inc.® feel that life is meant to be as amazing as possible and enjoyed to the fullest. Are you bored of everything?  Tiger Mane Pictures will be there. Do you need your imagination to be flexed to the max? Tiger Mane Pictures will be there. Do you want to experience an incredible journey without leaving the comfort of your home?! Tiger Mane Pictures will be there!

Please tell us how we can further serve your entertainment needs and Tiger Mane Pictures will continue to expand operations and deliver quality creations right to your personal devices.  contact@tigermane.com